Wade Marsh, 180 Degree Fitness

This week we met Wade Marsh, owner of 180 Degree Fitness. Wade put us to work right away with some back stretching exercises. The certified personal trainer had 14 years in corporate wellness in the Richmond area before a layoff lead him to move here and start a business. 
Wade explained that you must “look at what you eat” and that nutrition is 80% of the wellness picture.  Wade eats 6 small meals a day – something every two to three hours as part of his fitness regimen.
180 Degree Fitness is differentiated by personal attention and building a unique plan for each individual.  “Fitness can be intimidating,” said Wade, for those that are just starting on a journey to better health.  Bigger gyms do not have the staff to address individual needs.
Thank you Wade for your engaging and informative program!