Vitaliy Bezrodnov, Founder of the Rotary Children’s Fund

The Carolina Forest Sunrise Rotary Club was joined Wednesday morning with Vitaliy Bezrodnov. Vitaliy shared information on the Rotary Children’s Fund and it’s international Cultural Exchange Program GOLDEN GATES. He impressed with moving backgrounds and the wonderful candid pictures the students took on their cross-country tour. Bezrodnov stated that the sights and attractions the students will see in four-six weeks is equivalent to what some citizens of the US would take months to visit.


The Rotary Children’s Fund exists to promote goodwill between countries by funding organizations that contribute to peace, cultural understanding, and appreciation through the arts. Finding young artists, performers, and musicians worldwide to share their Cultures through their performances and workshops which feature their talents, traditional costumes, and individual personalities. Improving goodwill between the people of America and other countries. Developing a better understanding of cultures, music, and traditions. Building Cultural Bridges.


Vitaliy had much to share on his touring group. One statement that was very impactful was that Rotary has one of the largest youth exchange programs and is most successful of any government, serving over 40,000 students.


Written by: Brooke Vu


Brooke Vu