Samantha Huff, Multiplying Good

Speaker: Samantha Huff, Regional Representative of Multiplying Good

Brooke Vu, Club President, introduced our speaker Samantha Huff of Multiplying Good. Multiplying Good was formerly known as the Jefferson Awards Foundation. For 50 years, they have honored those who put others first because they acknowledge the power and importance of recognition. Those receiving Jefferson Awards are empowered to do more, while their stories of extraordinary public service inspire others to action.

The team at Multiplying Good believes that the solution to many of the problems and issues in our world lies in creating positive change through the power of helping others. They deliver value to people through a continuum of activation, training, and recognition. They build confidence in people’s ability to make a difference through service and provide the skills needed to deliver well. They honor and elevate the impact of their service. With this approach, the organization transforms individuals and communities.

In South Carolina, Multiplying Good works in a range of schools to help youth identify what they are passionate about, and build the skills needed to do something about it.

In the 2021 year, SIA teams engaged more than 16,500 of their peers in more than 350,000 hours of meaningful youth-led service.

If you want more information, wish to volunteer, or contribute, please visit Multiplying Good in South Carolina on their website

Brooke Vu