Pauline Levesque, 2020-2021 District Governor

On July 8th, the Rotary Club of Carolina Forest hosted the first official visit in the new Rotary year of  District Governor Pauline Levesque.  Pauline is a member of the Myrtle Beach Rotary Club and has been involved with Rotary for 33 years.  The first half of her Rotary career was spent in Southington, Connecticut where she and her husband Ron, a now-retired state trooper lived.  She was employed in banking and the Chamber of Commerce and saw Rotary as a way to become involved in international work.  Her various career stops have included a mix of leadership, being a facilitator, and philanthropy.  Pauline moved to the Myrtle Beach area in 2005 and now works at Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts.  She has been recognized with numerous Rotary awards including Distinguished Rotarian in 2017.

Pauline noted that the Strategic Plan of Rotary International has included the “need to improve on our ability to adapt”.   We need to do research, innovate, and take risks.  Even Paul Harris, Rotary Founder said that “Rotary needed to be revolutionary”  For example, how can we develop more eClubs or clubs that have a specific area of focus?  Can we help support another club in our area?  Can we grow Rotary?
Another of Pauline’s goals is to increase the “engagement” of Rotarians  How do we engage new members?  How do we keep existing members engaged, particularly in these challenging times of COVID-19?  Can each Rotarian mentor one person to succeed them in their “Rotary job” or mentor a new member?  How do we grow Rotary?
Other major focuses of Rotary that we will be hearing of and doing something about are the Environment, Feeding the Hungry, and Polio eradication.  Pauline also noted on the Carolina Forest Rotary Club’s efforts on feeding the hungry in the past year!
Written by: Scott Burleson
Published by: Brooke Vu

Brooke Vu