Patrick Flynn, Owner of the Anytime Fitness of Forestbrook

We were honored to feature Patrick Flynn, owner of the Anytime Fitness of Forestbrook, as the guest speaker for this Wednesday’s morning meeting. Pictured is Flynn (right) with Rotary member Ralph Jones (left). 

Flynn, a Coastal Carolina University alumnus, has worked in the fitness world his whole life. He moved to Myrtle Beach seventeen years ago, playing CCU football and soon after began working at a local gym. Flynn eventually gained the title of Fitness Director at a health center in North Myrtle Beach. August 31st 2019, Patrick would open his own gym, Anytime Fitness, a fully equipped gym with amenities including: standard cardio machines, strength circuits, free-weights, a free functional turf area, classes, bootcamps, showers, and lockers. 

Patrick Flynn mentioned to club members that there are insurance-type programs that cover gym memberships such as Silver Sneakers or Prime. Flynn believes it is important for gyms and health centers to not only cater to their member’s needs, but also be available to those that may be of a lower income status or are pushed by their health insurance to adopt a more active lifestyle. 

The Anytime Fitness owner shared that the franchise has establishments all over the world; perfect for world travelers or members that have just moved. Your key fob gets you into any anytime fitness in the whole world. However, despite being world-wide, Anytime Fitness is not your common household name. Flynn said that this is due to each Anytime Fitness gym having less members than most other big gyms. “We fulfill a smaller niche,” reported Flynn, “our name isn’t quite as well known, but that is because we market to a smaller area.” This gives you more personal time with your coach, ultimately being more efficient in tackling your fitness goals. 

So we just had to ask, “What do we do for tomorrow?!” Flynn assured us that there is no need to refuse the turkey or skip the extra slice of grandma’s pumpkin pie. “Be consistent, said Flynn, enjoy yourself. It’s just one day. Focus on consistency for the week, the month, the year. Perhaps go for a walk. Or invite your family to join in an outside activity.” The Carolina Forest Sunrise Rotary Club suggests you walk or run in tomorrow’s Surfside Rotary Turkey Trot. You can still sign up at