Online Speaker Sean Mazur of Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach

Our guest speaker today was Sean Mazur, Executive Director of Community Kitchen of Myrtle Beach.   Since the COVID-19 restrictions of March 16th, Community Kitchen has moved to an entire “TO GO” food program.  They were seating 200 people for breakfast and lunch.  Now CKMB has seen an uptick of about 10-15% for their breakfast and lunch which they serve every day.  Some volunteers have also dropped out due to concerns about working in close quarters or being in contact with others.  90% of volunteers are considered to be in the “at-risk” category.  Meat donations from grocery stores have decreased considerably.   Some of the new customers of the Community Kitchen include the recently unemployed or those that have lost their short-term housing.  

Nevertheless, Sean does not see panic or distress.  His only worry is the loss of the “personal interaction” between clients and volunteers and society in general.   Some of the newly unemployed have actually become volunteers.   He sees his clients as coping and accepting of the situation at hand.  Community Kitchen is welcoming of any food donations, volunteer time, or cash donations.   To donate visit   If you are in need, you can visit in-person at 1411 Mr. Joe White Ave., Myrtle Beach, SC  29577 or call at Community Kitchen at 843-444-9383 

Thank you Sean for Zooming with the Club!


By Sean Burleson