Online Speaker Leadership Discussion Women’s Panel

The full moon was setting as we began our Carolina Forest Rotary Club (CFRC) meeting.  We had nineteen in attendance, including Carlos calling in for the first time to a ZOOM meeting.  We were bolstered by two guests (Cathy and Wendy) from the Reedy River Rotary Club (near Greenville, SC) and former Carolina Forest Rotarian and CCU Rotaractor Theresa Calabrese. 

Dr. Darla gave a thorough description of the upcoming Rotary Serves Virtual Fundraiser.  We hope to leverage $914 of our District grant to add to $4,086 in Club funds for a $5,000 total.  Then we will solicit the communities including ourselves, our neighborhoods, the area, and existing sponsors of four agencies that we want to support.  It was emphasized by professional fundraisers TJ and Lauren, that donating yourself is essential in soliciting others’ donations.  If anyone needs help, making these personal pitches, they will be glad to provide “talking points”.  The agencies we plan to support are Spokes of Hope, Community Kitchen, and Meals on Wheels.  The goal will be to raise an additional $5000 by the end of April through a Go Fund Me page.  Then we can present $2500 to each of the agencies.  After approvals from the District, we plan to begin the solicitation on Tuesday, 4/14.

Today’s program was focused on young leaders in Rotary [who also happen to be women]  

  • Lauren Zuschlag – CFRC President-Elect
  • Brooke Vu – Former CCU Rotaractor and current CFRC Public Image Chair
  • Theresa Calabrese – Former CCU Rotaractor, former CFRC Rotary Member, and current President-Elect of Reedy River Rotary
  • Presley Leopard – future CFRC Public Image Chair 
The panel answered questions about their role models, interest in Rotary, goals within Rotary, and personal goals.  Interest in Rotary was due to service to others and enjoying the fellowship of fellow “servants”.  Role models were mothers and female activists who stood up for what was right and set a great example.  BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOALS (BHAGs) were expressed as “take care of yourself”; “take care of others”, “leaders have to adapt to circumstances” and “future higher educational degrees”.   It was a tremendous program providing personal insights, positive attitudes, and forward-thinking by these four young leaders.  If anything, the program was too short to hear all of their great ideas and goals.

Well, ladies, congratulations and thank you for sharing yourselves, your Rotary insights, and your personal goals on Wednesday.  Truly inspirational!   


By Scott Burleson 

Brooke Vu