Online Speaker Dr. Jennifer Cilino-Folks

It was a dark and stormy night when we began our second ZOOM Rotary meeting.  But the sun rose and then there was “enlightenment” from our guest speaker, Dr. Jennifer Cilino-Folks.  Jennifer was “ZOOMING” in from Galena, Illinois in the Northwest corner of that state.  She is a clinical psychologist with a husband in law enforcement and also cares over two pet cows.
Given the current state of the COVID-19 world,  Dr. Cilino-Folks noted four categories of activity for coping with isolation, change in “everything”, etc.
1.  Biological Coping– Stay away from SUGAR! Eat more fruits and veggies, get regular sleep, and remember “sitting is the new smoking”. Avoid it!
2.  Psychological Coping– Try Youtube SOUNDS. Search for sounds of a waterfall, campfire/crickets, or any other relaxing sounds as you do your work from home.
3. Social Coping– ZOOM; “Marco Polo” – record a message for others; maintain a schedule; organize “things”; exercise.
4. Spiritual Coping– Express gratitude; have an active prayer life; increase creativity/knowledge; reach out to 3 [yes count ’em THREE] people per day
She also offered a book recommendation:  THE CHOSEN  – walks through the life of Christ.
Thank you Dr. Cilino-Folks for “Zooming” with the club!
By: Scott Burleson