Mike Kohn, Head Coach of the US Olympic Bobsled Team

Speaker: Mike Kohn, Head Coach of the US Olympic Bobsled Team

Bruce Maggi introduced our speaker, Mike Kohn, Bobsled Head Coach with USA Bobsled & Skeleton. Mike is a Captain in the U.S. Army and is currently a member of the Army World Class Athlete Program. He began the sport of Bobsledding during his senior year in high school and was the youngest competitor in the 1991 Olympic Trials, Kohn went on to win the 2002 Olympic four-man bronze medal with driver and current USABS Assistant Bobsled Coach, Brian Shimer. A native of South Carolina, he now lives in Wilmington, NY with his wife Jessica, and two sons, Oliver and Max. The U.S. Bobsled Team is now training for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing, China. To win in this sport the team must start strong at the top of the hill, have a good driver, and have good equipment.

Speed, power, and strength are everything for competing in this sport. 

An Olympic grade Bobsled can cost over $1 million. NASCAR has become involved in Bobsled design. The fastest Bobsled track in the world is in Whisper, Canada where speeds up to 97 mph are common. 80 to 85 mph is the average speed during a run. Steering is done with ropes, not a steering wheel. Unlike many other teams that the USA competes against, our athletes receive no tax dollars, nor continuous government funding. They depend on private donations and sponsorships to help them win World Cup Championships and Olympic Gold. You can obtain more information and donate on their web site https://www.usabsfoundation.com/


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