Member Spotlight: Madeline Fetzko

Member Spotlight: Madeline Fetzko

Madeline Fetzko has been a Rotarian in Carolina Forest Sunrise Club since 2022, and has been an integral part of helping to see that our Annual Golf Tournament was a success in 2023.

Madeline has made an impact in the world through her involvement in prior organizations before becoming a Rotarian. She volunteered her time and resources in Haiti and was involved in many other charity work endeavors. She has three children, Natalie, Ryan and Sarah, and her interests include traveling, crafting, gardening, and collecting miniatures. She is also learning to play golf – which may be more of a lesson in avoiding swear words. 

Madeline is a Sustaining Member of Rotary International. She has added to her Rotary resume accepting the role of Club Secretary 2023-24. We are both proud and fortunate that Madeline is a member of our Club!!! She has been a major part of our successful transition to the current Rotary year, and we look forward to many more years of dedicated service!!

Join me in thanking Madeline Fetzko for her service to Rotary, the Carolina Forest Community, and our Carolina Forest Sunrise Rotary Club, said Club President Steven Manz Jr. 

Brooke Vu