Maria Sullivan, Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce

Speaker: Maria Sullivan, Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce

Cindy Gettig, a long standing Club and Chamber Member, introduced our speaker Maria Sullivan, Power 10 Director of Campaign Operations at the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce. Maria is a leadership trainer and business development extraordinaire who gained highly effective habits after nearly a decade with Franklin Covey, the world leader in consulting and training.

Maria spoke about Partnership Grand Strand which is a new foundation, 501(c)(3), and a five-year strategic initiative designed to accelerate economic prosperity and quality of life for all businesses and residents across Horry and Georgetown counties. The initiative will support partner organizations and communities by providing dedicated staff, increased resources and funding for new catalytic projects that will strengthen four equally essential and interconnected pillars of success: prosperity, talent, place and infrastructure.

The goal is to raise $3 million to fully implement the Partnership Grand Strand initiative during the next five years. The campaign officially kicked off Feb. 24, 2022 and any business, nonprofit, foundation or individual may become and investor. The campaign includes five-year pledge levels ranging from $5,000 to more than $500,000.

Just 1,000 jobs created by this initiative will result in:

  1.  The creation of an additional 846 new indirect (supplier/vendor) and induced (service) jobs
  2. $111.77 million in new annual payroll
  3. 62.6 million in new annual personal consumer expenditures

For more information or to become an investor and supporter of the Partnership Grand Strand Foundation, please contact Maria Sullivan at (678)478-6663 or by email at

Brooke Vu