Johnny Moore, 2019-2020 District Governor

2019-2020 District Governor Johnny Moore
The club was joined in person by District Governor Johnny Moore.  DG Johnny presented the District Public Image award for 2019-2020 in the form of a plaque, accepted by Carolina Forest Rotary Club (CFRC) member Brooke Vu and CFRC President TJ Egan. The club is also in the running for a Rotary Citation and received a Club Leadership Citation award. 
DG Johnny noted he was excited to be here and glad to see many in attendance (personally and virtually). “Attendance is huge” in order to “solidify the fellowship [of Rotarians]”.    The COVID pandemic is taking its toll on membership via unemployment and members unable to give volunteer time.  However, before the pandemic, the District membership numbers were very good in our Zone of 17 Districts.
District 7770 donated more than $2,000,000 to the Rotary Foundation this year.  About $130,000 was given back to clubs in the form of District grants for local projects.  Because there was no District Conference, the District is refunding $20 per member to the clubs for use to support COVID related projects, provide scholarships for member dues, or rebate all members based on the local club decision.
Rotary has issued a statement condemning racism in all its in-sundry forms. However, DG Johnny noted that Rotary is apolitical and cannot use phrases such as “Black Lives Matter” in its statements or publicity. However, DG Johnny challenged the club to “look internally”.  Focus on inviting and inclusion so that the Carolina Forest Rotary Club is more representative of our community.
Written by: Scott Burleson 
Published by: Brooke Vu