Jason Greene, Chair of the Technology Advancement Group

Our speaker this week was Jason Greene, Chair of the Technology Advancement Group (TAG) of the Grand Strand.  Greene is also a Myrtle Beach Rotarian.  The purpose of TAG is to nurture entrepreneurs to establish themselves in our region.  This is part of an overall effort to diversify the economy.  The group is working in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and ONE Grand Strand.  There is a hope to revitalize part of downtown Myrtle Beach in an economic “Opportunity Zone”.
TAG has formed a non-profit named “eMYRge,” which will be the steering organization for this effort.  Currently, Horry Telephone Cooperative (HTC) at 9th Avenue North has the resource of strong internet capability that can be a platform for entrepreneurs, artisans, and tech people to establish startups.  TAG is also looking for Angel investors to help with seed money for these new ventures.  Greene said that with all that Myrtle Beach has to offer in terms of living and playing, it is an ideal location for these startups.