Gina Cummings, Coastal Carolina University’s Director of Wall Fellows

Leading and Embracing Change

The Carolina Forest Sunrise Rotary Club was joined Wednesday morning by Gina Cummings. The Coastal Carolina University Director of the Wall Fellows Program led a program called Leading and Embracing Change.  At the meeting, Cummings explained the emotional cycle of change, reaction to change can have 4 phases, and facilitating movement through the phase. Gina shared that “one of the things that cause us not to be good leaders is resisting change.” And every one goes through a cycle anytime there is change- even those that say they like change.   

A recommendation that Cummings gave for businesses that are trying to implement change was the book “Leading Change” by John P. Kotter. One of the most efficient ways to have employees accept a change is getting those individuals engaged and involved. The most successful leaders present a shared vision, offer opportunities, and get people engaged and involved in finding solutions.  

Gina Cummings explained that managers play a key role in the flow of change from the senior staff members to the frontline employees. Otherwise, you lose a resource to help move the organization. Employees value the opinions of their managers and supervisors over any other. Another solution is working horizontally and having representation from multiple groups having input.

Thank you Gina for visiting the Rotary Club of Carolina Forest Sunrise!


Written by: Brooke Vu 

Brooke Vu