Frank and Brittany Hynson, CoLaborers International

Speakers: Frank and Brittany Hynson, Missionaries Serving in Costa Rica

Scott Burleson, Club Social Chair, introduced our special speakers Frank and Brittany Hynson who are missionaries now serving in Costa Rica working through a local branch of CoLaborers International.

CoLaborers International is a US 501c3 nonprofit assisting international indigenous-led community organizations in poverty-stricken communities in Costa Rica, Zambia and India that focuses on serving women and children through volunteerism, aid, and program development.

More specifically Frank and Brittany are missionaries now serving Nicaraguan refugee families in the La Carpio slum in Costa Rica. Within this slum is Las Gradas, an area inaccessible by car and built into the side of a cliff, named for the 125 steps that are surrounded by makeshift homes. It is surrounded by polluted rivers and a garbage dump. It has about 52,000 inhabitants. Concerns for the community include sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, gang activity, and prostitution.

Many of the families carry their children each day across a dangerous river to work on a nearby coffee farm. Next to this river is Las Gradas Betel, where the missionaries provide services to the women and children including basic education, emotional intelligence/ mental wellness groups, counseling services, food, hygiene, arts and crafts activities, and vocational training to the parents.

If you wish to discuss 1) Serving short or long-term as a volunteer; 2) providing funds; 3) Volunteering long-distance from anywhere in the world via telecommuting experience; or 4) Becoming a prayer partner, please contact Melissa Stuebing, Founder and CEO of CoLaborers International, by calling +1 (301) 659 5532 or by email at

Brooke Vu