Dr. Katie Ulam, Owner of Coastline Chiropractic

Dr. Katie Ulam finished out the Rotary calendar year by presenting about chiropractic adjustment.  Katie is a native of Ohio and attended Ohio State and Youngstown State University.  She had an interest in pursuing a career as a chiropractor due to an overall wellness focus and a back injury she sustained in her athletic youth.  She graduated from the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Daytona Beach, Florida.  After some initial work in Greenville, SC, she came to the beach and worked in a practice in Shallotte, NC.  She started her own practice in November 2017 at 50th Avenue North and Kings Hwy. 
Katie believes that chiropractic can be used for a variety of ailments, but that it doesn’t work for everyone.  She also has a particular interest in auto-immune diseases.  Her philosophy is “if we aren’t getting results after 4 treatments, I’ll refer you to someone else.”  Much of “health” is the food you eat.  Chiropractic training includes a full year of nutrition, which is much greater than that received in the training of medical doctors.
Dr. Ulam told an interesting story of a baby that had not responded to any medical treatments, but did “stop crying” after just one adjustment!  She also had an early employment with some bad operators in Myrtle Beach, that eventually were charged with insurance fraud.  She had to work with the FBI to prove the case!  Thank you Dr. Ulam for leading our meeting program. You can check out her practice at https://www.coastlinechiropracticmb.com