Member Spotlight: Jim Quinney

Jim Quinney is one of the newest Rotarians in our Carolina Forest Sunrise Club. But he has been a Rotarian for several years coming to our community from Sacramento, California. He is already proving to be an integral part of our club’s success. He is currently serving our club as Fund Raising & Marketing Chair. Jim is married to his lovely […]

Member Spotlight: Brandyn Miller

Brandyn Miller has been a Rotarian in the Carolina Forest Sunrise Rotary Club since October 2021. He has been an integral part of our club’s success. He has served as Club Secretary 2022-2023 and currently serves as your Public Image Chair. Brandyn is a business consultant / coach and serves as an ambassador for the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. His passion […]

Member Spotlight: Porter Medley

Porter Medley has been a Rotarian in Carolina Forest Sunrise Club since July 2009. He has been an integral part of our club’s success. He is crucially responsible for the success our club has had in cultivating and nurturing both the Rotaract Club at Coastal Carolina University and the Interact Club at Scholars Academy! Porter is married to his loving wife, […]

Member Spotlight: Jason Orning

Jason Orning has been a Rotarian in Carolina Forest Sunrise Club since April 2021. He has been an integral part of our club’s success especially in the last year. He served as Service Projects Chair and is your current Treasurer. Jason is a very enthusiastic servant for our community and has an altruistic heart as well as profession. He is employed with […]

Membership Spotlight: Dr. Darla Domke-Damonte

Darla Domke-Damonte has been a Rotarian in Carolina Forest Sunrise Club since October 2013. She has been an integral part of our club’s success especially as it comes to service. She, quite literally, wrote the book on Service in our community. Darla is a world traveler and speaks 5 languages: Russian, Slovak, German, Polish, and occasionally, English. She is the Associate Provost for Global […]

Member Spotlight: Scott Burleson

Scott Burleson has been a Rotarian in Carolina Forest Sunrise Club since March 2019, and has been a member of Rotary for 25 years before that! Scott’s Rotary resume reads like a who’s who of Rotary. Prior to his service in our club this year as your Sergeant-At-Arms, he was President of the Cumberland Maryland Club in 2001-2002, of the Chestertown Maryland Club in […]

Member Spotlight: Madeline Fetzko

Member Spotlight: Madeline Fetzko Madeline Fetzko has been a Rotarian in Carolina Forest Sunrise Club since 2022, and has been an integral part of helping to see that our Annual Golf Tournament was a success in 2023. Madeline has made an impact in the world through her involvement in prior organizations before becoming a Rotarian. She volunteered her time and resources in Haiti […]

Member Spotlight: Brooke Vu

Member Spotlight: Brooke Vu Brooke Vu has been a Rotarian in the Carolina Forest Sunrise Club since 2019, and a Rotaract Officer prior to that. She quickly rose through the ranks in our club and served as President in the 2021-2022 Rotary Year. Brooke has made an impact in the world and education through her involvement in the Miss South Carolina Pageant. She began […]

Member Spotlight: Carlos Scheer

Member Spotlight: Carlos Scheer has been a Rotarian in Carolina Forest Sunrise Club since 2003. He is one of our earliest members, and he still shows a heart for international efforts. Carlos was born on April 2nd and has ancestral roots in the Ukraine. Largely because of this background, he gives so generously to international efforts. Carlos is a matching Benefactor for the CCU […]