Mike Datlof, Certified Senior Solutions Specialist

Wednesday’s program was led by Mike Datlof, a local certified senior solutions specialist. Mike has been in the long-term care insurance and Medicare industry since 2001. He played a major role in establishing the Broker Services division of AMAC, the nations’ largest conservative senior’s organization.   “What’s your plan?” That was the question Mike asked members […]

Ansley Browns, International Space Station Programs Office

Ansley Browns, Payload Facilities Integrator, International Space Station Programs Office, NASA- Johnson Space Center  Our guest speaker was Ansley Browns, who was Zooming in from Houston, Texas where she is on the staff of NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Ansley started her interest in science at a young age including space camp in 7th grade.  She joined NASA […]

Samantha Siegel, Oceana

To coincide with the newest Rotary Area of Focus, Supporting the Environment, our Wednesday speaker was Samantha Siegel, representing the nonprofit, Oceana. Samantha now lives in Charleston, SC.  She originally grew up between Rockville, Maryland (a DC suburb), and a small island in the Bahamas. Therefore she was well acquainted with the ocean. She became an activist […]